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peacemaker2142 hat 5 Points

Beitragverfasst am: 26.03.2011, 11:04    YesWeGame sucht neue Mitgieder Antworten mit ZitatNach oben

Hi there luvs,

Today I am here to promote :.YWG:. or YesWeGame. We are a gaming clan based in Belgium, but we have members from all over the world. At the moment we have about 100 active members, 10 game servers, an active forum, and regular events.
Join .:YWG:.

Game servers
We currently have 9 public servers, and several private servers are on the way. The public servers are based in Germany and The Netherlands. All servers have b3, and we have a skilled team of admins who enforce the rules. .:YWG:. servers are well known for our active admins, and the low hacker activity. General server rules forbid Martydom, Last Stand and Grenade Launcher.
Our Servers:
S&D Promod :
TDM Promod :
Sniper Only TDM :
S&D :
TDM 1 :
TDM 2 :
TDM 3 :
Hardcore TDM :
Join .:YWG:.

Competitive Players
For competitive players, .:YWG:. has what we call the L33T team. A team of our 20 best players, who have committed to regular practice and are experienced in clan wars. The team is trained by people with years of experience with FPSs and clan wars.
Join .:YWG:.

Casual Players
For those who like to play casually, .:YWG:. is the perfect clan for you. Our soft-core servers are filled with people who like to have a casual game, and our team speak server are always full of friendly and enjoyable people. We also organize about 2 events a week, ranging from very competitive and skill-intensive, to fun and casual.
Join .:YWG:.

Joining .:YWG:.
We don’t have special requirements to join, but we do have rigorous standards. When you join, you will be accepted as a recruit (In between a stranger and member) for 2 weeks, during that time our skilled mentors will teach you how to navigate in the clan and see if you are fit for membership. Active and social players will almost always be accepted, skill is a requirement; however, we don’t use skill as a basis of membership.
Join .:YWG:.

- 10 Servers
- Friendly Players
- Competitive
- Lots Of Events
- Very Active Forums
Join .:YWG:.
Hope you guys are interested in .:YWG:. See you on our servers, and maybe as a members.
Kisses From Cameraadt (Head Recruiter.:YWG:.)

Ich hoffe ihr seit alle gut im Englischen bewandert Wink
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